Regenerative Surgery the Future

Saudi Association of Plastic Surgery and Burns in Collaboration with, Star Care Clinic Jeddah, Saudi Arabia Sponsored by Saudi Sultan

Do not miss the chance to attend the regenerative surgery day, it will cover some topics related to regenerative surgery, tissue engineering, stem cells and their use

Topics covers the field of

  • Overview of Regenerative Surgery.
  • Knee lipofiling
  • Breast augmentation lipofiling
  • Buttock augmentation lipofiling

International and Local Speaker

Workshops (Live surgery)

 (Regenerative Medicine: Definitions and Basic Understandings)

Prof.S. Moshref

  • New standard in fat-transfer and body- contouring.
  1. Hans Werner
  • The role of fat graft in post mastectomy reconstruction

DR.B. Awan

  • Regenerative surgery is a turning point in surgical practice.

Prof.S. Moshref

  • Facial rejuvenation.
  1. Hytham Jamjoom
  • Regenerative Options and Techniques in Genital Surgery

Prof.Y. Jamal

  • Orthopedic and Joints Surgery

Prof.S. Moshref

Registration fees Registration Fees can be paid to:

Workshops 300 SR

Live surgery 900 SR

Tel.: +966(02)6401000 Ex.21221

Mobile: 0558887630

Fax No. +966(02)6408165






May 1, 2017

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